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It's a Ducky New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! We haven't been doing a lot of posting lately because we've been writing and traveling and holidaying and eating and reading now we're doing things like writing and exercising and eating and reading, but it's time to give a ducky shout out. We have good news!

First up is Alma Fullerton. Walking on Glass is out!! It's just hitting the shelves this month and I got my copy from Amazon this week. It looks bee-yu-ti-ful and the story is awesome. Congratulations, Alma! Great reviews for Walking on Glass and for her recently released In The Garage are starting to come in, and it's all very exciting.

Shelly Becker has been creating a bit of a buzz with her book, Mine! Mine! Mine! Shelly's doing radio interviews and Mine! Mine! Mine! has been getting enthusiastic reviews and was featured in Atalanta Parent Magazine's 50 must read books! And Shelly just found out that Mine! Mine! Mine! is going to be featured in an upcoming Radio Disney promotion. How cool is that?!

We're looking forward to Katy Duck Duffield's second book, Poltergeists It's available for pre-order now on Amazon and the cover looks great! We got to take a sneak peek at Katy's Poltergeists a little while ago and it is absolutely fascinating. I can't wait share it with my 11 year old niece!

There will be quite a few ducky pieces in the magazine world this year. In the next couple of months you'll find Shelly's poem WHEN WAFFLES ARE AWFUL in the February issue of Highlights. In March we'll get to see Shelly's rebus, PUDDLE PLAY, and Tanya Seale's poem, NO NAP!

Last, but certainly not least, Kristy Dempsey has a wee bit of good news of her own. She's sold two picture books! In Kristy's own words, "The first is a boy-friendly pb to Bloomsbury and the second is a pb celebrating the wonders of having a better-than-best friend to Philomel." Who-hoo!!!

So, it's only January 11, but we think we're having a pretty good year so far and we wanted to celebrate with our LJ friends. We'd love to celebrate your good news, too, so please let us know if you've got something to cheer about in 2007.

Best Wishes!

How to write a poem for a practically perfect person

Well, you start with an absolutely hilariously brilliant verse that rhymes "booger" and "sugar," but after being informed that booger and sugar do not rhyme for all readers, you reconsider.

So you think, "Haiku's short," and you do this:

I love Cassandra—
She uses good vanilla
Not McCormick swill.

But you decide that that's too one-dimensional, so you decide to do some linked haiku, and you get this:

I love Cassandra—
She uses good vanilla
Not McCormick swill.

I love Cassandra—
When she runs out of pepper,
The universe is still.

I love Cassandra—
She has more flour than I do,
And that says a lot.

I love Cassandra—
I love, love, love Cassandra,

But your patience with Rhymezone and, in fact, with haiku is running out, so you go on to limericks:

There once was a girl named Cassandra,
Who owned an adorable panda
It was black and white
An adorable sight . . .

Trouble is, not only does the panda thing have little to do with Cass, but Cassandra and panda only rhyme in newbie-world (and we won't even mention the echoing word), so that simply won't do.

Whew. What next? You could try iambic pentameter--some blank verse, perhaps?

Cassandra is a ducky of the pond
Of gourmet food, Cassandra is quite fond.

Yikes. Inversion. No way. And it rhymes. Not blank verse. Forget that.

So you decide to steal from other, better writers:

Cassandra is Max's mom: She always has a hot (gourmet) meal waiting.
Cassandra is Mr. Slinger: She must have been one fab teacher.
Cassandra is Dolores: She makes different (good) decisions.
Cassandra is Strega Nona: She has a magic touch, and it's love.
Cassandra is Al Capone: Al Capone? Naaaaah.

So at this point, to say you're at a loss is pretty much an understatement.

Here's the deal: Cassandra Reigel Whetstone is kind, loyal, thoughtful, funny, and tolerant in the best of senses. She truly understands the kids she writes for. She inspires me to be a better mom, a better writer, and a better person. Honestly, she deserves a crown of sonnets, but as you can see, linking haiku is beyond me, let alone sonnets, so this will have to do.
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You're Invited...

To a Virtual Book Launch Party!!!

The Ducks are proud to announce the release of Shelly Becker's debut picture book, MINE! MINE! MINE!
Join us for the fun and excitement. There's popcorn and confetti, silly string, balloons, noisemakers, and in honor of our special author--lots of chocolate!!!

Check out Shelly's book at or your favorite indy!  You'll be glad you did!

<a href=””>Mine! Mine! Mine!</a>

Congratulations, Shelly!!!


After almafullerton spent all day working on annemariepace's intro-duck-tion, I didn't feel right just writing a little 5-minute acrostic for Tanya. So I spent days reading the entire dictionary (that explains why I haven't been around much lately and by the way, it was one of those big, massive, 35-pound dictionaries), looking for nice words to say about her. And the problem is, I found that every single complimentary adjective that exists in the entire English language can apply to Tanya (it's true--if you know her, you know what I mean). And since I can't post all of those words into a single LJ-entry (Tanya, you know I would if I could), I've decided to go ahead and write the little 5-minute acrostic.

Introducing Tanya Seale (also known as the wildly popular thatgirlygirl):

Terrific with words
And incredibly funny,
None of your friends are embarrassed to know you (no need to try harder, thanks anyway).
You ride the roller coaster of life with
Aplomb--not to mention a (perfect) smile (and a barf bag). No doubt, you will...

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I get the pleasure of writing the introducktion for Katy. When Katy is not writing, she's running or cooking or golfing or reading or visiting schools to share the joy of Milk Cows.


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